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Yoga and Health

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The benefits of yoga on health have long been proven. Still, we’re not here for scientific proof right now. We are here for doing something good for ourselves. I look forward to getting you into the feeling of unison with your body.

That may seem a large step. But the truth is that having a yoga body is like having a beach body: Have a body and go to the beach. Yoga starts where you are. Feeling your body, breathing – these two things slowly but steadily grow health. And maybe also lead you to more meditative, reflective states, towards mindfulness in your everyday life.

Intentional breathwork itself can do a lot to improve brain and body functioning. Even more does meditation. There are so many ways to meditate, and as with yoga, it is just important to make a bit of space for it, to begin and step into more calm in your life. What are your needs? Why are you thinking about meditation?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Every journey starts with a first step. Here we go!

I teach the basics of hatha yoga, of connecting within yourself but also to nature.

BOOK NOW: What to bring: curiosity and stretchy clothes. What we can work with: reluctance, nervousness, questions, bodies being different.

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Should you be interested in trance states, that may be reached by shamanic drumming, feel free to contact me. This kind of trance is very light but already open possibilities to release tensions and recurring thoughts.

Maybe you are curious – or you are more familiar with yogic concepts, the chakras and prahna for example – then energy work is another way of focussing on yourself, an even more individualized experience on your path to leading a healthy life.

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