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about us

2023 Padmanau Studio GmbH, company formation

Brief about me:

2020 Beginning of International Project Lead in Erasmus+ projects on Digitalization for Individuals and also for Education Providers, Hybrid Classrooms, Future Competences, Intercultural Competences, Dual Education, Recognition of Competences, Language Learning, Rural Development, Inclusion in a broader sense, Work Based Learning, European Entrepreneurship.

2019 Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance RYS200) – Hatha Yoga, Chakras, Ayurveda.
Coach (according to QRC) – job, career, life path, inclusion coach.
Start as yoga teacher and coach.

2018 HR Management Course, SAP, AEVO

2014 M.Ed. Master Educational Science

2011 BA, Bachelor of Arts: English, German, Educational Science

15 years professional experience in administration, marketing, and translations in different fields of business.

about me

Life only exists in the now. The past is to be learned from. Which I have – in conversation with all kinds of people I have met in my private life, while traveling, on the internet, in schools, universities or at work. For me, people are always exciting: how they came to their points of view, how their personal lives knitted together to become their way of life. Humans are storytelling animals, sometimes it’s just a matter of hearing the story and admiring it. Especially the little stories that life writes.

My own stories can be found in my poems, the snapshots of my life, which always have a perspective on deeply feeling the current moment. This creates the paintings, the mosaics, that pick up on these patterns. Ultimately, for me, everything is pattern recognition and the transfer of one intuition, one situation, one dimension, into another. When someone asks me how I came to shamanism, there are two answers: I fell into the magic potion as a child. – or: Through my brother. He has a very own view on things, which enabled me early on to also have very own thoughts. For this I am very grateful to him – and to my family in general. I needed quite a while to live in deep trust in myself, what I’m made of and fits into my life.

That’s where I am now!

Until then, I worked in the free economy in the commercial sector for many years, studied late, completed my Master of Education very quickly, worked in the school system and ended it, completed an HR management course, even with a trainer’s license as recognized by the German chamber of commerce. Then I followed my calling and took a yoga teacher course and coaching seminars. My work for a non-profit education provider led to International Project Management, under Erasmus+. Now I have founded my own business in 2023 and want to carry more of myself into international project work.

In short: I’m a generalist as they come.


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